It is the mission of the LYSL to develop, deploy, and maintain a comprehensive program for the development and promotion of the game of soccer for the youth of Lincoln Township, and surrounding areas. This League has been established as a non-profit and e

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General Information:

Lakeshore Youth Soccer is an volunteer based, non-profit 501c3 organization.

Each registration (child) requires a volunteering commitment (the spring U3 division is excluded), however, LYSL allows each registrant the option to pay a $30 opt-out fee in lieu of volunteering. This fee goes into a seasonal pool to pay workers to work the concession stand or paint field lines (for example).

By volunteering you are saving $30 at registration, but please remember if you take the $30 discount we expect you to volunteer and you will be required to pay the $30 if (for whatever reason) do not. In addition, if you are scheduled to volunteer and there is a conflict you must notify the league, via email, 48 hours in advance of your volunteering date/time. Failure to notify the league will result in a $20 penaltyplus the $30 mentioned above*.

Why charge $30 to opt-out? As mentioned we really need volunteers and LYSL is a 100% volunteer based league--there are no employees, there is no payroll. The $30 is used to pay for goods and services that volunteers would normally do. An alternative would be to raise registration, most likely to $100 per child and pay individuals to run the concession stand, set up the fields, etc., or force parent into volunteering with no choice otherwise.  LYSL currently feels the volunteer opt-out route is the best option and it keeps registration low, plus allows individual the option to not have to volunteer.

Why charge a $20 fee for not notifying the league? First of all it's unfair to all others that volunteer. Second, in most cases we will have to call someone in to work your shift and we pay them to cover your volunteer spot. 

Signing up to volunteer:

You sign up to volunteer for the concessions stand by clicking here or the "Volunteer Here" button on the left column of the LYSL home page. You will be notified by the league when the volunteering session is open . You will also be able to choose a day/time that works the best--first come--first serve so do not hesitant if your schedule is not very flexible. All other volunteering opportunities are set up by the individual board member or coordinator and they will email directly.

Volunteer positions include:

[Please note: all volunteering opportunities are first come-first serve. If you are passionate about a certain opportunity please sign up asap. Also, if a specific volunteering opportunity (lets say concessions) fills up you will be signed to a different one or given the option to choose].

Concession stand worker shifts are approximately 2 hours and can be at the stand or driving the golf cart. A minimum of one shift (typical) per child is required with a two shift (infrequent) per child maximum if you choose this option. The concession stand is generally open two nights (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday) and Saturday throughout the season. The stand is also open for other event that use the soccer complex, which include but not limited to: weekend soccer jamborees in the spring and fall, weekend lacrosse tournament in the spring, summer, and fall.

Concession stand shift managers also receive a one child plays for free discount. Shift manager work one week--consecutive days the concession stand is open.

Equipment, uniforms, and picture packet distribution maybe needed if the league coordinator requests it. This would be a onetime commitment during the season for generally 1-1/2 to 2 hours. One shift is required per child if you choose this option. 

Field setup or field tear down is divided into 2 to 2-1/2 hour shifts that take place before or after the season. Field re-lining takes place during the season, anytime on Fridays (other days may be arranged). One shift is required per child if you choose this option.

Picture day assistants help sell LYSL merchandise during picture day. These are 2 to 2-1/2 hour blocks on a Saturday right before the season starts. One shift is required per child if you choose this option.

Special events, include but are not limited to; egg hunt in the spring, community yard sale in the summer, and Halloween treat or treat in the fall. The egg hunt and trick or treat should be commitments of less than 2 hours and the community yard sale will be 2 to 2-1/2 shifts. One shift is required per child if you choose this option.

Sponsorship assistant and fundraising, like distribution is determined by the appropriate board member. If need these will be longer time commitments, however; if you are passionate about making a difference for the soccer league and your community, this is a perfect choice.

Or you can Coach:
Head Coaches, U6 through U8, receive a $25 discount towards a child's registration, plus $20 in concession stand coupons; U10 thru U14 head coaches receive a 100% discount for one child's registration. These incentives apply to each team you coach, so the more teams the more discounts. This discount can be used prior to payment or applied to next season. We prefer that all teams (except U4 and U5) have assistant coaches. All coaches receive a coaches jersey. Coaches can become "F" licensed by US Soccer and LSYL will reimburse coaches in full upon proof of 2 hour course completion. Please contact for more informationand click here for more detailed information about F licensing.

Or be a Board Member:
You can never have enough help, positions are frequently available. Board members receive a 100% discount toward all of their children registrations, plus free standard picture packs, and a free spirit wear item (shirt, hat, hoodie, etc). Positions include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar, Scheduler, Head of Coaches, Sponsorship/Fundraising Manager, Volunteer Manager, and Concessions Manager. See League Documents for more information.

Or take a Coordinator position:

Similar to board member positions, except you are not required to attend meetings and you have no voting privileges. You receive a 100% discount towards your one child's registration. These positions also require less work and generally only take place at the end and/or beginning of season. Positions include: Equipment and Advertising, Field Maintenance, Merchandising and Pictures, Uniform/Medals, and Referee Assignor. See League Documents for more information.


* Failure to pay the $20 penalty and/or the $30 failure to volunteer fee, will result in these charges being billed to your soccer account. Account balances must be zero in order for you to register your child.